Software as a Service (SaaS) provided by CDM Smith to help utilities navigate their own utilities and use predictive analytics to help stakeholders to make decisions and how to address issues before they arise.
Our biggest obstacle for this project was the timeline. It was introduced as an idea in early spring, and we had to design and execute an entire brand and website. An additional hurdle, they were hiring for roles as we were producing content, so there was a constant stream of new input.
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CDM Smith
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2023 SMPS Nationals Finalist

Brand Identity

The name Trinnex is composed of their 3 core ideas: Trust, innovation and experience. They wanted their clients to see them as a trusted, forward-thinking partner that offers solutions for their problems.

Brand requirements:
  • tech-savvy
  • innovative
  • bold
  • approachable
  • simple
The anatomy of the Trinnex name, standing for Trust, Innovation, Experience


I was really drawn to the combination of dots and lines. The team was into the nod to data points, matrix-esque direction. But none of the combinations were making sense to me. As i was trying to thing of some meaning behind it, it dawned on me. Binary code! The atomic representation of all things digital. With the circles representing 0s and the lines representing 1s, i quickly googled the sequence for the letter T and finally got my pattern. The final design utilizes this sequence from left to right, up to down.
All of the previous versions of the trinnex logo before landing on the final one
Trinnex final logo
final Trinnex logo bug

Visual Identity

The goal for the brand was for it to look very different from CDM Smith. Embracing the matrix inspiration, I wanted to keep the theme dark and the primary color palette simple mainly using teal and purple with hints of other colors in the illustrations. Because Trinnex is offers various software as a service (SaaS), I wanted the secondary colors to represent and emphasize the different products being offered.
Trinnex color palette
Trinnex typefaces using Nunito for headings and Open Sans for body text


The challenge for the website was we only had 6 months to name, brand, strategize, and stand up a website. So everything had to start in parallel, quickly making decisions and changing directions. The process became a lot smoother when important decisions were made (obviously). But was still in constant flux until the very end. It required the team to be in constant communication and flexible as changes and the scope expanded every day. This was my first project like this, especially to this scale, and boy did I learn a lot.

See the live site!
the trinnex homepage
a timeline showing the evolution of the website from wireframe to final site
a snapshot of all of the pages created for the Trinnex website