Sky Wave

A service line that leverages drones, remote sensing, and machine learning to track and analyze surface changes.
CDM Smith developed a service for their clients that captures digital data through drones and sensors with applied machine learning. Providing more accurate analysis that also happens to be safer and faster. They wanted to a logo for this service that gave a nod to CDM Smith as it is featured with other CDM Smith branding materials.
CDM Smith
Logo Designer


The Sky Wave team wanted something that conveyed the holistic type of services they provide, with an emphasis on ‘wave’ since this is the aspect of the service that makes them unique. They wanted the name to be included in the logo with the option to have the logo bug stand alone for various types of trademarking.
the concepting stage of the logo development showing all of the variations tried before getting to the final logo
an animation to further show the vast directions attempted for the logo

Logo Development

Through a lot of exploration, I kept coming back to the wavelength shape. How “S” and “W” have similar structures, i knew there was something there. Not only does the final mark represent the wavelength, the tails on both side were positioned in a way that resembled a traditional drone.
the final logo
the sky wave logo mocked up on a hat
a mockup of the logo on a flying drone