Herb Friends

Small-batch herbal products thoughtfully crafted by an herbalist.
Emily is a wonderful friend who needed help branding her newly created herbal products. As a long time tester and user, i was ecstatic that she was wanting to start selling them. Emily's not just a pro herbalist; she's also a breeze to work with. She had a clear vision from the get-go and just needed a hand bring her vision to life.
Emily, Owner of Herb Friends


Emily’s vision was to keep this light and fun with the emphasis of this being homemade products. Friendship is a key component of her brand so making sure that the logo featured at least a duo, because friends don’t let friends fly solo.
final herb friends logo

Brand Specs

Herb friends is all about linking folks with foliage, you know? So, I wanted our vibe to be chill, friendly, and grounded in nature. The main brand colors are pulled straight from Emily's fave herb, Calendula. Think fun, approachable, and down to earth.
herb friends color palette
herb friends typefaces
a bouquet of calendula


In developing our range of product labels, Emily wanted each one to stand out. This involved meticulously selecting colors that complemented the essence of each tincture while adhering to our established brand palette.
all of the tincture labels created for herb friends
mockup of the tincture labels on a bottle
mockup of the label on a lotion bar packaging

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